Sunday, May 18, 2008

Balenciaga- mi amor; Nine West- I love you

Basically, shoes are objects of love.

Of obsession

And of Fashion Statement (Sumhow you wonder how does one survive in THAT pair and they also wonder how do you survive in THOSE shoes)

Question : Would you put on these?

Some things are just way beyond arguement

The image on the site below really struck thru our hearts. Putting aside the legal complication it evoked. Thanx to qifa that i got to this link.

In Love with Nick Rhodes

I was browsing through the net on eccentrics. Be them from the music industry or the fashion industry. We have the ever fabulous John Galliano. Suddenly i remembered one personality that I used to admire during my school days. He was Nick Rhodes ( yeah mua is not that young).

Duran Duran - Nick Rhodes is standing in the middle.

I am not saying that Rhodes was an eccentric but he was different. During the time when David Bowie and members of Motley Crue look totally out of this world in comparison to Michael Jackson and New Kids On The Block, Nick Rhodes showed the world wearing make up enhances one's features if you do it right. Anybody could wear make up is the shout of that day. Coupled up with some fashion sense. There you go.... Nick Rhodes that as we knew him back then. (It seemed he has shed his make ups a few years back).

As a small kid, I loved his fashion. Apart from the late Syed Anaz, I did not see anyone in Malaysia daring enough to even become Bowie. I loved everything from his ever changing hairstyle, vanity touches (make up lah) to his fashion statement. Below is my favourite.

Rhodes on his wedding day to Julie Ann Friedman, american model. I love the pictures on his wedding day. Alice in Wonderland kind of thing. Hey, I was a kid. Of course I referred to children's story. I could not find more of the wedding pictures on the net. I had few of them but could not find them. They would have biodegraded by now. Heheee.....

More pictures of Rhodes below:

This perhaps from the era of their famous song 'The Reflex'

I would guess this from his first Arcadia album days

The below simply drives me crazy.

p/s Nick Rhodes was a big influence on my younger days.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cepat lah Shay

Lambatnyer dia ni. Pegi tolong orang pindah rumah plak. Ok if u happen to finally got here and yang ada hanya msg ni and the next entry is just the one on bathroom, sowy i dah padam entry just for u.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Khas buat my dearest Shay, ze confidant

Dear Shay,
This entry is only for u.
Because none of my frens taw i ada kt sini.
I will delete this once you have read and you will sms me to inform. Hehee.. Jgn nakal.


Sory la x dpt bg add where I wrote my 'serious' views. Kan skrg blog is being monitored. Ni tempat i throw my frivolous thoughts sahaja. (matila hang kena pegang dictionary spjg baca ni).

Shay, i miss you so much.

Hehee... as usual i majok dgn muse i :-(


Wutever it is...
I miss u
I miss u
I really miss u

Lotsa love,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Answer to clutter in bathrum but adds clutter to dinding bathrum

Saw this kat yahoo smlm. First time tgk, Brilliant idea .....

Tapi pikir2 balek, memangla the above solve the clutter in the bathrum. Tapi percayala, sekejap aja. Manusia.. Kejap lagi sure rimas, nyampah tgk lekat2 kat dinding. Pastue mulalah pagi2 ahad pg ikea crk 'necessity' walaupun x penting. Actually yg penting ialah keep things at minimum and stash everything away from sight. And kalu buleh everything kaler putih. Kalu nak ada kaler pun, satu aja shower scrub warna biru. Walaupun i love red, not in my bathrum lah. Purple pun x maw. Purple is only reserved for my lux and may sabun aja.

tapi 'gadget' atas ni menarik kan...

for further information, surf

tapi kena belajar bahasa German dulu :-)

I misz tis place

Gambar diatas bukan i yang amek. Yang ada gambar wa, wa takan upload punya. tapi masa wa pegi memang ramai orang walaupun hujan. Christmas kann time tue.........

Bestnyer biler dpt tgk sndirik my dream dr std 1. Time tue dpt tgk aje anak2 menteri, big2 pengarah, businessman bawak balik beg disneyland. Kite ni balik2 pg singapore tu pun ikut parents beli baju raya aja and dunno wut else. Normal la for those near JB beli brg kat singapore. Time tue shopping complex yg ada hanyalah ampang park.

X payah cakap lah choice food skang. Pagi2 ahad i dah line up kat Pavillion. Teka lah beli apa. Beli kuih yg kalau makan biasanya org tak makan tengah2 dia. Banyak wo choice skang. X mcm masa kecik dulu. "Kalau u behave well, abah bawak pg A&W kt umah PJ". Nostalgia drive in. Kakak i ckp- adik kena makan baby burger sb adik kecik lg. I tanya- knp abg dpt makan papa burger. Kakak i ckp sb abg i ada i.c. Buleh?
And budak2 skang takyah mimpi Disneyland. Mcm2 ada kt kl nih. Larat x larat aje. Come to think of it, x pegi lagi aquaria. Maybe next next time kowt. Insha-allah